The Perfect Jaw line

The perfect jaw line is the dream of every man and woman. That perfectly chiseled jaw line makes your personality full of confidence, and the face also looks much thinner and younger. The way to achieve a perfect jaw line is simple but to understand what actually is required to make it perfect is complicated. To achieve the best-balanced way to make your jaw line perfect according to your face requires the help of an experienced plastic surgeon who can understand the deficiencies in your jaw line.

Most women want the jaw line to be V-shaped for a slimmer look of the face, and there are many procedures that can be done, so always discuss with your plastic surgeon about the procedure longevity, invasive or non-invasive, permanent or temporary results.

Filler injection

It is a very commonly used method of jaw contouring injections. It augments the chin at the pre-jowl area to eliminate jowls, injection at the mandibular angle, and the body defining injections can make the jaw perfectly defined. The amount of injection to be given and the place along the mandible where the injections are to be injected needs the vision of an expert and qualified plastic surgeon who deals in cosmetic surgery. Read More

Chin implant

The chin which is deficient always mismatches the perfect jaw line, chin when needs to be augmented, can be done either by genioplasty or chin implant. While the chin implant augmentation is done by using an external implant material made of silicon or medpore /biopore, the genioplasty is done by bony alteration of the chin, and no external material is used. Read More

Liposuction for double chin

Sometimes there is an issue of double chin that one is suffering from, and the chin appears to be short hidden behind the fat; in those persons, liposuction of fat of the double chin can chisel their chin and angle of the mandible.

Mandibular angle implant, especially in men, the strong jaw line is considered a strong persona. The prominent jaw angle with a defined mandibular body is what men look for. The implants placed at the mandibular angle and body can give the desired results.

Masseter hypertrophy or excessively heavy faces in men, especially, are seen in heavy weightlifters. These hyperactive masseters can be treated either with neurotoxin injections or partial masseter disinsertion from the mandibular body that can give their heavy jaw face a relaxed look. Read More

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Before-After/ Real Results

Jaw Line Creation
Jaw Line Creation

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.

Jaw Line Creation
Jaw Line Creation

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.


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