Double Chin Treatment in Jaipur

The appearance of a secondary area that develops beneath the chin is referred to as a double chin. Double chin is like cellulite and is caused by the presence of fat and loose skin beneath the chin or around the neck. Sometimes in people who diet perfectly or loose bodyweight still, the fleshy fold of skin under the chin never disappears. It gives rounder and full appearance to one's facial profile. There is some genetic predisposition in some people, i.e., the double chin runs in the family, while in others, when they age, the fat accumulates around their chin.

The double chin treatment aims to remove this stubborn fat and tighten the skin below the chin, which helps an individual achieve a perfect jaw line.

Ideal Candidates For Double Chin Treatment

  • People who are having a slim body and face but double chin bothers them.
  • People undergoing facelift or midface lift along with double chin correction.
  • People suffering from stubborn chin fat or people who had lost their body fat significantly but still double chin bothers them.
  • People who want perfect jawline.
  • When some look downwards and find a bulge beneath their neck.

Different Types Of Treatment That Helps To Correct Double Chin


Liposuction is considered as the gold standard for double chin correction. In chin liposuction, the excess fat is removed from the under-chin area. The liposuction is performed through a very small 2mm liposuction cannula by making pinhole kind of incisions under the chin and the sides of the jaw angle. The suction pressure is applied, and the fat is extracted. The ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, when used, it results in underlying fat removal as well as skin tightening. The procedure requires a single session and provides permanent results.

Facelift surgery

Patients who suffer from the signs of aging in the midface and neck region. Sometimes in such cases, along with facelift surgery, double chin correction is done in addition.

Deoxycholic acid/ Kybella injections

This is a non-invasive option for double chin correction. The deoxycholic acid is made up of bile acid that helps in the breakdown of fat and helps in its complete digestion. The same deoxycholic acid is used to remove excess neck fat, the injections are given, and fat breakdown occurs over time. One may need two to three sessions for the same.

Cryosculpting /coolsculpting

It is an FDA approved ultra therapy treatment. This technique freezes the fat cell and causes cell death and naturally removes the targeted fat cells out of the body through urine. A person may need 6-8 sessions to completely melt the fat.


High intensity focused ultrasound tightens the skin, improves the collagen, and improves blood circulation. It is based on the fact that is, increasing blood circulation results in an increase in the fat breakdown in the region, plus collagen remodeling leads to skin tightening. This therapy also requires multiple sessions.

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FAQs About Double Chin Treatment in Jaipur


Which double chin reduction treatment should I undergo?

Depending on the consensus made between the patient and the surgeon after discussing in detail about each procedure, the plan type is decided. All this depends on like the patient wants an invasive or non-invasive treatment, single session or multiple sessions’ treatment, one-time permanent result, or other that needs to be repeated after an interval, whether the patient needs finer adjustments or huge changes in the chin area.

What are the post-op complications?

Post-op complications it may present in the form of seroma, hematoma, infection, and rarely marginal mandibular nerve injury (that can lead to numbness around the lower lip region). The occurrence of complications is rare, but if they occur, it recovers completely over the period of a few months.

What post-op precautions are required after the treatment?

Postoperatively the patient is discharged on the very same day. A chin strap needs to be worn for one week for 24 hours and later for two more weeks at bedtime.

I am confused about whether I need chin augmentation or double chin correction?

In some people, actually, there is a receded chin that is giving the appearance of a double chin, so always discuss with your plastic surgeon what actually your requirement is.

Which is one of the best or standard procedures for chin reduction?

Lipo fat removal is the gold-standard treatment for double chin reduction. It is a single session procedure with permanent results, unlike other procedures. And even the results are highly precise as compared to other available procedures.

What post-op results should I expect after double chin reduction treatment?

Significant skin tightening as well as it provides a beautiful jaw line. Downtime is there, but swelling usually settles in a week or two.

What extra procedures can be done to achieve full facial thinning?

Chin liposuction along the buccal fat removal can be done sometimes to achieve that perfect chiselled look of the face.

Quick Facts On Double Chin Treatment
Procedure Duration

1 hour.


Local anaesthesia or i/v sedation.

Hospital Stay

Same day discharge

Bed Rest

Not required

Full Recovery

Swelling reduces in 1 to 2 weeks.

Scars to Fade Out

No scars


No precaution needed


Avoid heavy exercise for three weeks.

Before-After/ Real Results
Double Chin Treatment
Double Chin Treatment

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.

Double chin
Double Chin Treatment

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.


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