Tattoo Removal in Jaipur

Tattoo removal is one of our facility's most common cosmetic procedures. AK Aesthetics is renowned for providing the best tattoo removal in Jaipur. Tattoos are typically applied to skin layers deeper than the surface layers. People usually request tattoo removal when they go to a job interview or have a name tattooed on their body and wish to remove it.


Only surgical removal allows for complete tattoo removal in one sitting; laser removal requires numerous sessions separated by at least three weeks, with a total of six to eight sessions. Even after the eight sessions, the tattoo remains in the form of what we call ghost pigment, which provides the border or outline of the tattoo. Furthermore, if the tattoo is multicoloured or contains pigment such as red or green, it is more difficult to remove fully and never totally disappears with surgery.


Surgical tattoo removal provides the advantage of removing the tattoo completely in one session, and the remaining single-line scar fades with time. Also, if someone is going to a job interview, a wedding, or an event and cannot afford several sessions, a single, one-time removal is the ideal alternative for them.


The experts at AK Aesthetics can even remove huge tattoos with precise planning and an additional surgical sitting with total removal.

Tattoo Removal Procedures

Laser Treatment

  • Q-switched lasers emit energy in a single, intense pulse and are frequently used for tattoo removal. A Q-switched Nd: YAG laser may be used on darker skin to avoid permanently changing the skin's pigment.
  • Local anaesthesia is applied prior to laser treatment. The tattoo is then subjected to a high-energy pulse, which warms and shatters the ink. Multi Coloured tattoos may necessitate treatment with several lasers and wavelengths.
  • Repeated sessions will most certainly be required to lighten the tattoo, and it may not be able to erase the tattoo entirely.

Surgical Extraction

The skin is numbed with a local anaesthetic injection for surgical removal. A scalpel is used to remove the tattoo, and the skin edges are sewn back together. Following the surgery, antimicrobial ointment promotes healing.


Surgical tattoo removal is effective, although it leaves a scar and may be only appropriate for tiny tattoos.



The tattooed area is often cooled until numb during dermabrasion. With an abrasive wheel or brush the tattooed skin is then sanded deeper with a high-speed rotary machine. This permits the tattoo ink to be absorbed by the skin.


The affected area feels uncomfortable and rough for several days following the treatment. Two to three weeks is the typical recovery time. Dermabrasion isn't a popular treatment option since it produces inconsistent results and is less effective than a laser or a combination of laser and excision.


Tattoo Removal is an effective cosmetic surgery treatment provided at our clinic. Thus, if one is looking for the best treatment for tattoo removal in Jaipur, consult Dr. Akangsha Sharma at AK Aesthetics.

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