Six Pack Abs

Men striving for ever-desirable six packs abs, working for years, and still not getting the results?

Go for abdominal etching surgery. Abdominal etching is a male abs surgery that is designed to give 3D shapes to your abdomen. Six-packs are not easy to get through diet and exercise. Even if you are disciplined in your workouts, you still are not able to reach the results. Sometimes familial genetics also plays a role. For many like them, six-pack liposuction can be their secret weapon.
The procedure involves removing fat as a part of liposuction, but it is liposuction of the next level, i.e., 3 D liposuction that is designed to give shape to your abdomen rather than just simple liposuction that creates a flat abdomen. Abdominal etching removes the excess fat between the abdominal muscles and skin, thus giving more definition to the abdomen.

Now even the latest concepts have shifted from 3 D liposuction to dynamic body-contouring. In dynamic body contouring, your underlying muscles, the rectus muscle, and other abdominal muscles are marked, and shadows are created in an artistic way around those muscles to give these muscles a proper definition. Once the person performs regular workouts and maintains himself, these definitions give them enhanced looks to achieve their results. Dr. Akangsha Sharma is a well-trained plastic surgeon and also has mastered in the 3D liposuction process. She has attended many master classes from international faculty experts in their field to provide high definition liposuction results.

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Who is an ideal candidate for six-packs abdominal surgery?

An ideal candidate for six-pack surgery is one who has a good body structure or a person who is struggling to have six-pack abs by exercising in a gym and diet control. Abdominal etching removes the fat between the skin and muscles and also in between the muscles to give it definition. The surgery is not recommended for those who are having abdominal obesity with mesomorph habitus.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Surgery is preferably performed under general anesthesia. The procedure takes around 2 hours and is a daycare procedure. Patients do not need hospitalization and can be discharged the same day.

What results are expected?

A toned abdomen with defined abdominal musculature is apparent, and in dynamic liposuction, the definition further improves as the patient starts to workout.

What kind of body is ideal for six-pack surgery?

An individual with an athletic body who is not able to achieve the desired results or otherwise more muscle and less fat body proportions.

Can any person undergo six-pack surgery and can get the results?

Good results are expected in mesomorph to ectomorph kind of body habitus patients. So it is not recommended for all persons.

How is the surgery performed?

A small cut is made in the umbilicus, and the other hidden region of the abdomen and liposuction cannula is inserted through them, and fat is removed at differential planes giving the shadow effect to create a six-pack abdomen.

How is the postoperative recovery?

After the removal of fat on the table, results are appreciated. Postoperatively bruising, swelling, and mild pain is expected, which improves in the next few days. Painkillers are prescribed orally for 3 to 4 days, along with pressure garments for four to six weeks. As the swelling subsides, the patient starts showing results by 3 to 6 months.

I am a female, and I want to have a more toned and defined body. Can I undergo six-pack surgery?

In females, definitely rather than just giving a flat abdomen with liposuction, a more defined abdomen can be given. The definition of rectus margins as desired by many athletic women, and in some as desired instead of six-packs, two packs or four packs can be defined.

I am an obese person, but my desire is for six-packs. Can I undergo six-pack surgery and get the desired results?

Six-pack surgery is not recommended for obese persons as such. These patients should undergo weight reduction first and then liposuction. When their body habitus gets better, then they can undergo abdominal etching surgery, and are able to maintain the results and are towards a healthy life style.

How can I enhance the results of six-pack surgery after operations?

The results after six-pack surgery can be maintained and enhanced if the person remains motivated and keeps following a good diet and exercise regimen.

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