Reduction Mammaplasty

Reduction Mammaplasty is the surgery performed for women who are having heavy and large breas-Ts (as per body proportion) and are experiencing discomfort and symptoms related to that like back and neck pain, skin rashes, redness, and itching. Reduction mammaplasty surgery brings about a reduction in breas-T size as well as making it more attractive and symmetrical. It overall brings motivation for an active lifestyle.


Skin markings are done on the breas-T before taking the patient to OT as the position of breas-T changes while lying down. General anesthesia is given. We give the local block to the breas-T tissue so that there will be less pain in the post-procedure period. The procedure usually takes 3-5 hours. Drains are kept for a day or two.

When should one consider reduction mammaplasty surgery?

  • Breas-T being too large as per body proportion.
  • Symptoms of the heavy breas-T (back and neck pain; fungal infection; redness and itching in the lower breas-T fold; difficulty in breathing while lying down; poor posture).
  • Social discomfort due to heavy large breas-T.
  • Asymmetry in breas-T size (unilateral breas-T hypertrophy).
  • Shoulder grooving due to bra straps.

Surgical techniques

The right procedure/surgical technique involves the evaluation of your breas-T anatomy, size, and degree of sagging.

  • Minimal breas-T hypertrophy (expected resection volume 350 gm)
    This is usually done along with a Mastopexy procedure. Scars will be around the areola and, if required, vertical extent (lollipop shape).
  • Moderate breas-T hypertrophy (resection volume >350 gm)
    We use the Hall-Findlay technique. A lollipop-shaped scar or an additional scar in the sub-mammary fold is necessary (short anchor inverted T scar).
  • Extremely heavy breas-T (expected resection volume > 1000gm)
    Scars are around the inframammary fold, forming a full-length inverted T scar.
  • Associated procedure
    Liposuction is planned in surrounding areas such as the chest, flank.

The Recovery and post-operative care?

Usually drains are removed in a day or two. Sutures are not required to be removed as we use absorbable sutures. Waterproof dressings are used in which the patient can take a shower once at home. Swelling is present after the surgery. It will be almost settled around 2 weeks after the surgery. The final shape takes around 6 months to appear.

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When can one see the Results?

A breas-T that is lifted, rounded, appropriate for body proportion can be seen immediately. The final results will take around 6 months.

Will one be abler to Breas-T feeding after the surgery?

Reduction mammaplasty is usually sought by the females after completing their family size. But the procedure is also performed in the females who are unmarried or going for marriage but having heavy breas-Ts. Patients are usually able to feed, but in addition, some amount of top feed will be required.

Will there be Scars?

The advantages of surgical procedure overweigh the presence of scars, in our experience patient feels so much self-confident and lifted that they have never complained about the scars. Scars that are prominent at the start do settle to a fine line with time. Circumareolar scars are not visible, and scars that are in the inframammary fold are also hidden, the scars along the vertical axis are visible but usually fade with time.

Reduction Mammaplasty : Quick Facts

Procedure Duration

3 to 4 Hrs



Hospital Stay

1 to 2 Days

Bed Rest

1 Day

Full Recovery

5 to 7 Days

Scar Disappear

6 to 12 Months

Bath After

2 Days


3 weeks


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