Mastopexy is also popularly known as breas-T lift procedure most commonly sought by women experiencing sagging breas-T, causing the loss of youthful appearance of the breas-T. A mastopexy can raise the breas-T tissue making it look shapelier and youthful. Additionally, large areola (dark skin around the nipple) can be addressed (reduced) at the same time.  

More and more women are nowadays opting for a mastopexy as it rejuvenates the feminine profile that appears more youthful and uplifted after the surgery. Many things can be done to achieve breas-T lift. But choice needs to be tailored according to an individual's breas-T anatomy. Experience and proper training are required to understand the breas-T anatomy of the patient and tailoring the procedure according to patients' needs.

When to consider a mastopexy?

  • Sagging breas-T with normal breas-T volume as per the body portion.
  • Heavy sagging breas-T.
  • Sagging breas-T along with breas-T volume loss.

Which procedure is ideal for me?

Simple mastopexy: Ideal candidate; Sagging breas-T with normal breas-T volume as per body portion.

Mastopexy with breas-T implant: Ideal candidate; Sagging breas-T along with volume loss, breas-T implant along with mastopexy should be considered.

Mastopexy with Reduction Mammaplasty: Ideal candidate; Heavy sagging breas-T will be requiring reduction mammaplasty along with mastopexy.

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Why breas-T sagging occur?

  • Breas-T is like any other body organ and also tends to age. But the breas-T is unique in itself as it starts developing in puberty and goes through internal changes during pregnancy and breas-T feeding, which causes the breas-T to sag with time.
  • The normal aging process also affects breas-T tissue making it appear saggy with time.
  • Weight loss after aggressive gyming and bariatric surgery.
  • Hormonal changes.

Will there be scars?

There will be scars, but those scars will slowly fade to thin line with time.

What procedures can be combined?

  • Augmentation mammoplasty with implants needs to be placed along with the mastopexy to achieve volume in patients with breas-T ptosis along with volume loss.
  • Reduction mammaplasty can be combined in the patients who are having breas-T sagging issues along with the heavy breas-T.

Will there be an increase in breas-T volume in simple mastopexy surgery?

We follow the breas-T auto augmentation technique to achieve breas-T lift, in which breas-T tissue is realigned in a way that lower pole of the breas-T is lifted to give medial/cleavage fullness. But it needs a proper assessment of the patient, that which patient is best suited for which surgery.

How long will it take for results?

There will be a dramatic change in shape and size and position immediately. But becoming pregnant can affect the results and can cause a change in shape.

Mastopexy: Quick Facts

Procedure Duration

3 to 4 Hrs



Hospital Stay

1 to 2 Days

Bed Rest

1 to 2 Days

Full Recovery

5 to 7 Days

Scars to Fade Out

6 to 12 Months


After 2 Days


4 weeks


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