Male Chest/ Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is an excess of breast tissue in men, also known as male boobs. The condition is aesthetically unacceptable to many men and maybe a painful condition too. The development of females like breasts sometimes causes emotional distress, especially in young patients.

However, the condition can affect men of all ages. At present, about one out of two men is suffering from gynecomastia. The young adult males (in early age groups - teens) the condition can be so severe that they even avoid going outside, playing sports and swimming because of the fear of getting teased. Therefore, outdoor activities become an embarrassing situation for them. And for many other adult males, the condition had existed long back since the time of puberty but they have hesitation to approach a doctor and generally meet the doctor in their late twenties and thirties. 

The gynecomastia surgery is rapidly increasing in number, first because of increased incidences and secondly, because of recent advancement in minimally invasive surgery that has minimal complication rates.

Can weight loss revert male boobs?

Weight loss can rarely revert male boobs. To achieve long term results and to improve male chest contours, surgery should be considered.

What causes Gynecomastia?

  • Most common is idiopathic form- no clear medical reasons could be found.
  • Other common causes include massive weight gain, drug abuse, medical drugs, anabolic drugs(gym training substitutes), endocrinological disorders, rarely hormone-producing tumors of the testis.

Aftercare and recovery?

  • The patient can take bath on day one.
  • Needs to wear a pressure garment over which daily wear clothing can be worn. Pressure garment needs to be worn for one month approx.
  • Heavy weight lifting more than 5 kg, aggressive gym training for about 4weeks should be avoided.
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What surgical technique does it involve?

The standard these days is a minimally invasive technique of gynecomastia and we follow that. In the procedure, liposuction is done through very small cannulas (needles) to achieve male chest contour - in grade one gynecomastia usually this is sufficient. But in most of the cases, there is an excess of the gland which needs to be removed, and which is removed through the incision(well hidden) made in the areola. If required, drains are kept which is usually removed on the third day.

Is it associated with male breast cancer?

Of all breast cancer, one percent is male breast cancer. The gland which is excised if there is any suspicion should be sent for biopsy 

What could be the risk involved?

  • Temporary in the initial post-op period there could be swelling, bruising, numbness. 
  • Seroma formation can occur that sometimes needs to be drained.

When to take consultation? 

At the time of puberty, one should wait for a maximum of one year if it doesn’t resolve on its own they should consult a plastic surgeon. 

Case Preview

Male Chest/Gynaecomastia : Quick Facts

Procedure Duration

2 to 3 Hrs



Hospital Stay

0 to 1 Day

Bed Rest

0 Day

Full Recovery

3 to 5 Days

Scar Disappear

Scar Less Procedure


Next Day


3 weeks

Before-After/ Real Results

Male Chest/ Gynecomastia before and after photos
Male Chest/ Gynecomastia

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.

Male Chest/ Gynecomastia before and after photos
Male Chest/ Gynecomastia

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.

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