Hand And Feet Rejuvenation

With time, hands and feet start showing signs of aging in the form of wrinkling and loss of elasticity, especially on the backsides/dorsum of the hands. Hand and feet rejuvenation process gives a youthful appearance to your hands and feet skin by improving texture, reduced wrinkling, and removing uneven pigmentation.


Hand and feet rejuvenation can be carried out either by fat transfer or filler injections.
Filler injections are frequently being used for hand and feet rejuvenation with quite good results, but the results last for about a year or so.

Fat transfer instead gives you longer-lasting results, as fat transfers involve the transfer of live stromal vascular fraction that results in rejuvenating effects. The fat transfers are autologous. The fat is harvested from one’s own body with the help of small cannulas and then is processed in special filters to extract the stromal vascular fraction out of it. The processed fat is then transferred to the desired areas of hand and feet for rejuvenation purposes through very small cannulas.

Results expected

Initially, after the fat transfer procedure, there will be some swelling and redness for a period of 2 to 4 days, which usually resolves after that. Over a period of time, fat transfer even results in improvement of color, skin texture, and skin elasticity as a live stromal vascular fraction is being transferred. Thus, the results are longer lasting.

After filler injections, the results are instant, but as the filler doesn’t last long, the results are weaned off in a year.

Which type of anesthesia is used?

The fat transfer is done under local anesthesia or sometimes under local anesthesia with i/v sedation.

Is fat transfer a scarless procedure?

Fat transfer is a scarless procedure, as fat harvesting and injections are done through very small cannulas.

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Quick Facts On Hand And Feet Rejuvenation

Procedure Duration

60 to 90 minutes.


Local Anaesthesia.

Hospital Stay

Not required.

Bed Rest

Not required.

Full Recovery

Swelling reduces in 3 to 4 days.

Scars to Fade Out



No precautions needed.


No precautions needed.


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