Dimple Creation

A smile with a dimple can steal someone's heart anytime. And if you are looking for that perfect dimple smile, a simple 30 minutes procedure can bring that perfect dimple smile to your face. Anatomically a dimple is formed when there is a tiny gap in the cheek muscles and the skin overlying it gets adhered to the underlying muscle to make a dynamic dimple that appears while smiling or talking. Cosmetic surgically using the same principles can help to create a dimple.

Ideal Position and Candidate for Dimple Surgery

Always discuss the ideal position with your plastic surgeon, where the dimple should be created to give the best appearance while smiling. The surgery can be done on any skin type and cheek size.


The procedure is a simple day-care procedure done under local anesthesia. A small cut is made on the oral internal surface of the cheek, and a small chunk of mucosa, fat, and muscle is removed, and one or two absorbable stitches are placed to fix it to the cheek skin where the dimple is desired. After surgery, there is no need for the hospital stay and can go home at the same time.


The results are immediate and can see immediate results after the surgery. Initially, the dimple is static, i.e., the dimple is present even when the person is not smiling. But after a few weeks, the skin appears flat, and the dimple is seen only while smiling.

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Is dimple created permanent?

The surgically created dimples are permanent. The sutures are absorbable and get absorbed in a few weeks. Still, the dimple is permanent as there occur adhesion between the skin and the muscles resulting in the permanent dimple.

Maybe I don’t want dimple, later on, is the surgery reversible?

Yes, the surgery can be completely reversed if, later on, one desire to not having dimple, by simply releasing the adhesion between skin and muscles, the surgery can be reversed.

What is the other site of dimple creation?

Chin is the other site of dimple creation, very few people desire chin dimple that can also be created inside the mouth without any external scar.

What are the post-operative precautions?

Post-operatively some swelling and bruising are expected that usually resolves in 3 to 5 days time. One can resume normal daily activity from the very next day. As there is a stitch inside the mouth, the patient is asked to maintain oral hygiene, and a mouth wash is also recommended. A soft diet is advised for the initial 3 days.

Will there be any scar?

There will be no scar outside on the skin, as the incision is made inside the mouth.

Quick Facts On Dimple Creation Surgery

Procedure Duration

30 minutes.


Local anesthesia.

Hospital Stay

Not required.

Bed Rest

Not required.

Full Recovery

Swelling reduces in 5 to 7 days.

Scars to Fade Out

Scar less.


No precaution is needed.


No precaution is needed.

Before-After/ Real Results

Dimple Creation
Dimple Creation

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.


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