Brow Lift/ Forehead Lift

The brow gives your face the impression of your feelings and confidence in your personality. Sagging or heavy brows always gives you a tired impression, even if you are not. And you end up looking older. As the years' pass, the brow sags down so much that it causes hooding, and sometimes the loose hanging skin also obstructs the vision. The forehead aging gives you deep worry lines that run across the forehead gives you anger and fatigue look or other unintended emotions.

‘The ideal brow,’ brow rests above the orbital rim with gradual arch laterally. The eyebrow's tail is a little higher than the medial (nasal) side of the eyebrow.

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed to elevate brow position and eliminate forehead wrinkles permanently. By altering the brow position, it helps to reverse the aging concerns by correcting the drooping, restores the arch, and gives you an alert and youthful appearance. Brow lifting is a procedure that corrects the tired look and can reduce forehead wrinkles at the same time.

Ideal Candidates For Brow/Forehead Lift Surgery

  • People who are seeing signs of aging, whether early aging of brow/forehead lines
  • People who have droopy brow.
  • Deep horizontal crease of the forehead.
  • Deep frown lines or furrows between eyebrows.
  • Loss of natural arch of eyebrows.
  • Eyebrows feeling heavy, giving tired looks, and suffering from obstructing vision due to droopy brow.

Types of Brow/Forehead Lift Surgeries

Coronal or Classical Brow Lift: Depending on the hairline pattern, the incision is placed either behind the hairline from one ear to the other or with a receding hairline. The incision can be placed at the hairline hidden in the forehead crease. The excision of excessive hanging skin is done, and brows are lifted.

Gliding Brow Lift: This is the recent addition to the types of brow lift surgeries. The gliding brow lift is the surgical technique in which a subcutaneous tunnel is made, and the brow is fixed in the desired position. Multiple sutures are placed in the skin and are kept for two days. After that, the sutures are removed. The new brow position is achieved. The procedure is simple and can be done under local anesthesia and is a 20-minute procedure.

Endoscopic Brow Lift: In this procedure, 3 to 5 incisions are made in the scalp in hidden locations. The endoscope is introduced through one of the incisions, and images are displayed on the monitor. The forehead and brow are lifted after muscle dissection and sutured in an elevated position.

Endotine Device Brow Lift: A specialized device called an endotine device is used in this procedure. The endoscopic brow lift is performed, but the fixation of raised brow skin is done using an endotine device. The endotine device is drilled in the cranial bone; it has corrugations on the surface with fixes the skin in the elevated

Temporal Brow Lift: In few patients, the forehead is not that bothering; the forehead aging is not that much; they are only concerned about the brow shape and wants that typical famine curve of the brow, so these patients are the ideal patients for the temporal brow lift.

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Which type of brow lift surgery is right for me?

The discussion with your plastic surgeon helps you decide the best surgical approach for you to achieve the desired goals. That depends on your skin type, patient's age, the sagginess, and the hairline shape. Likewise, the coronal approach is reserved for the patients who are having too saggy skin and or broad forehead and excessive forehead wrinkling. Endoscopic forehead and brow lift can be done in younger patients with good skin quality. Gliding brow lift and temporal brow lift can be done in those who want to continue the brow's temporal lift.

What are the risk and complications involved?

Brow lifting procedures have a very low complication rate and very high satisfaction rates with our patients. Bruising, facial edema, and very rare complication are nerve injuries, and some infections can occur, which can be tackled with antibiotics.

How long does the effect last?

As aging is a continuous process, but the results still last for around 15 years. Minor touch-ups may be required after that to maintain the results.

Is there any non-surgical method of brow lifting or forehead wrinkle treatment?

A neurotoxins injection is the non-surgical method used in the younger population to achieve the brow lifting and achieve typical famine brow arching. Neurotoxin injections are also used to eliminate the forehead wrinkles. When injected in a special manner, neurotoxins can give you the perfect brow arching, and to eliminate the forehead wrinkles and frown lines, it is injected at multiple points.

This treatment is not a permanent method and needs to be repeated, ranging from 6 to 9 months. Depending on the muscular activity level and first-time user or re-user, 35 U to 50 U may be required for the forehead and periorbital rejuvenation.

How much is the procedure time?

  • Coronal or endoscopic procedures take 2 hours.
  • Gliding brow lift takes about 20 minutes.
  • Endoscopic surgery takes about one hour.

What are the post-operative precautions?

Bruising and swelling are expected in the post-operative period. The swelling starts decreasing after 48 to 72 hours. The bruising takes some time to disappear from a week to two. There may remain some numbness or hardness in the skin that resolves in 6 to 8 weeks.

What are the added procedures that can be done with a brow lift?

Fillers or periorbital fat grafting for sunken eyes. Blepharoplasty surgery for loose eye skin. A brow lift is done as a part of whole facial rejuvenation that includes facelift, brow lift, blepharoplasty, and full facial fat grafting in certain cases.

Quick Facts About Brow Lift/ Forehead Lift

Procedure Duration

1 to 2 hours.


General or Local Anesthesia with i/v sedation.

Hospital Stay

Not required.

Bed Rest

Not required.

Full Recovery

Swelling reduces in 24 to 48 hours.

Scars to Fade Out

No visible scars.


Next day.


Heavy exercise after 3 weeks.

Before-After/ Real Results

Brow Lift
Brow Lift

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.


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