Axillary Breas-t Treatment

The axillary breast, also known as accessory breast in females, is the presence of extra breast tissue in the axillary (under-arm region). The accessory breast tissue can be a source of embarrassment in many females, especially wearing sleeveless or short sleeve garments. This appears as a fold of loose skin hanging in the axillary region, peeping from the sleeves.

The age of presentation of the accessory breast is teens when the breast tissue develops. The accessory breast tissue is basically the development of remnant breast tissue in the mammary fold line. It develops in the embryo inside the mother’s womb, the mammary line which is present from the axilla to groin. This persists in animals, as seen by the multiple marry glands along this line in animals. In the human embryo, this mammary line disappears as the fetus develops to persist only in the chest region that later gives rise to the development of breasts in females under the hormonal influence during puberty. The breast tissue can be present in any region in line with the axilla to the groin. Most commonly, it is present in the axillary region. Accessory breast tissue can be present with or without a nipple, and mostly, it appears without a nipple in the axillary region.

Mostly women in adulthood come with the presentation of the excess fold of skin or fatty deposits in the axillary region. Still, nowadays, even teenagers also come with the issue of axillary breast tissue as girls become more aware of their body image and are also involved in sports activities.

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What is the treatment?

The treatment involves the removal of the breast tissue along with fat from the axillary region with liposuction and sometimes direct excision or combination of both.

What kind of anesthesia is required?

The procedure can be done under local anesthesia or local with i/v sedation.

What are the results that are expected? Are the results long-lasting?

The removal of accessory breast tissue results in a more toned axillary region and gives you the confidence to wear sleeveless tops or shirts. The results are permanent as the problematic tissue is removed in both the methods of liposuction as well as surgical excision.

Where are the scars placed?

In liposuction, there is no visible scarring as it is done through small cannulas. While indirect excision, if required, incisions are placed along the skin creases, and scars are not visible eventually.

What will be the post-operative recovery?

After surgery, the patient can be discharged the same day and resume daily routine work without any restrictions. If there is an excess of tissue present preoperatively and the only liposuction is performed, there will be some loose skin present in the initial post-operative period, which retracts in 3 months time.

Does the accessory breast tissue have any relation with primary breast tissue, or will the surgery affect the primary breast tissue?

Primary breast tissue is not affected by the removal of the accessory breast tissue as both are anatomically separate entities.

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Quick Facts On Axillary Breas-t Treatment

Procedure Duration

30 minutes for each side.


Local Anaesthesia.

Hospital Stay

Discharged same day.

Bed Rest

Not required.

Full Recovery

No downtime.

Scars to Fade Out

Scars not visible.


No precautions needed.


Upper body exercise restricted for 3 weeks.

Before-After/ Real Results

Axillary Breas-t in Female before and after photos
Axillary Breas-t in Female

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.

Axillary Breas-t in Female
Axillary Breas-t in Female

*Opinions/ Results may vary from person to person.


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