Augmentation Mammoplasty with Implants

Breas-T is a uniquely feminine body feature. Augmentation mammoplasty also known as breas-T enhancement, can help women have the breas-T of size and shape they require. The augmentation mammoplasty brings about a positive change. It boosts the self-confidence of a female who has lost breas-T volume post-pregnancy, post breas-T feeding, weight loss, aging, and those who have small breas-Ts as per their body proportion.

Augmentation mammoplasty with silicone implants is a very safe and effective procedure. Over the past 50 years, it has been the most commonly sought after cosmetic surgical procedure.

When to consider Augmentation Mammoplasty with Implants?

  • Breas-T appearing too small for body proportion.
  • Breas-T volume loss post-pregnancy, post breas-T feeding, weight loss, and aging.
  • To have a proportionate and appealing figure while wearing low neck dresses and swimsuits.
  • Daily wear clothing issues, clothes looking loose at the top and tight at the bottom.

Aftercare and Recovery

We place absorbable sutures, so there is no need to take out stitches. The patient is discharged with pain killers but usually settles with no pain. Supportive bra (non-underwired) needs to be worn for 4 to 6 weeks. Aggressive gym training, lifting heavy weights above 5 kg, and sports activity needs to be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks.

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Is breas-T feeding possible with an augmentation mammoplasty with implants?

Women with breas-T implants are able to breas-T feed comfortably. If breas-Tfeeding problem occurs, it is due to the primarily small-sized breas-T, the reason for which breas-T implant surgery was done.

Is the scar visible?

Sutures are placed over the area where the scars are not visible and are completely hidden in the bra line. We follow the international safety instructions, which call for the augmentation mammoplasty with implants placement, not through the periareolar incision. So, our preference is to place the implant through the inframammary fold (which has the lowest incidence of capsular fibrosis over the course of time).

What procedures are available as an alternative to breas-T implants?

Fat grafting is an alternative technique if one has enough fat reserve in their body. As it is a biological procedure, multiple sessions are required, as the body absorbs fat that is transferred in the first session. Usually, with two sessions, the patient achieves good breas-T volume. It is a good option for those who want one or two cup size increase in volume and for those who do not want to go for an augmentation mammoplasty with implants procedure.

Mastopexy is a procedure meant for sagging breas-Ts with a prominent lower pole. The original volume doesn’t get bigger, but native breas-T tissue is realigned to produce the lifting and tightening effect. But of course, the patient has to go with more scars.

Is it safe? 

A breas-T implant is a safe procedure while considering augmentation mammoplasty. The highest quality US-FDA approved breas-T implants that we are using is made of high-quality silicone and are of the latest generation; therefore completely safe to use.

Is there any alternative to Augmentation Mammoplasty with Implants?

Yes, there are alternatives to breas-T implants that can be considered in some patients. But for that, one needs to consult a plastic surgeon who is experienced and trained enough to understand what procedure can suit an individual to attain proper breas-T body proportion.

Which procedure is best suited for me?

Everybody is different, and everybody has different needs. So, consider making an appointment with a plastic surgeon who is trained and experienced in this field to understand breas-T body proportion and can craft the procedure best suited for an individual.

Augmentation Mammoplasty with Implants : Quick Facts

Procedure Duration

2 to 3 Hrs



Hospital Stay

0 to 1 Day

Bed Rest

0 to 1 Day

Full Recovery

5 to 7 Days

Scar Disappear

6 Months

Bath After

2 Days


3 to 4 weeks


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